Steven W. Black, Orthodontist

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The Truth About Braces!

Braces today are very different from the braces your parents may have had when they were in their teens!

First of all, getting braces at Beaverton Orthodontics is a painless experience with absolutely no shots! Dr. Black places a small amount of dental glue on the back of your braces to adhere them to your teeth.

Also, for typical braces in our office, we never use those bulky metal bands like the ones that went around your parents' teeth. Our braces are much more comfortable because of that!

We also use extremely flexible, high tech wires that become activated by the heat of your mouth! This results in easier adjustment appointments with less pressure and little or no discomfort during orthodontic treatment. They also allow us to create a beautiful smile in less time than old-fashioned wires.

So, in Dr. Black's office, the truth about braces is that we use state-of-the-art braces and wires that make having braces a breeze!