Steven W. Black, Orthodontist

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The Dr. Black and Dr. Song Difference

Dr. Black and Dr. Song believe strongly in a patient-driven treatment plan. That is because every patient is unique. Your facial shape, jaw size, and teeth are unique. Your goals for treatment are unique. Therefore, Dr. Black and Dr. Song will recommend the best treatment plan and appliance for you!

You may be surprised to know that Dr. Black and Dr. Song does not recommend orthodontic treatment for every patient who walks through the door. They will honestly tell you if your treatment goals could best be met by non-orthodontic treatment with your general dentist. They may also suggest holding off on treatment until dental or developmental milestones are met, if that will help make treatment a success.

Dr. Black and Dr. Song with their highly-skilled team love what they do, and they treat patients of all ages gently and with respect.

You can trust that Dr. Black and Dr. Song will be committed to your needs and to making your smiles come true!